A Guide To Wearing Glasses

Top Eyeglass Maintenance Guidelines You Should Consider

Have you recently acquired eyeglasses to enhance your sight and reading capabilities? Most people who wear prescription eyewear often misplace, break, or lose them. These occurrences are common amongst people who use eyeglasses for driving or reading, rather than full-time wear. As a result, it becomes impossible to see or read, and that's why eye experts recommend that you keep your prescription eyewear safe and clean. Fortunately, eyeglass maintenance and care aren't difficult. Follow these tips, and you will have an easier time and healthy sight for longer.

Keep the eyeglasses clean

One of the best ways to ensure that you see clearly with your prescription eyewear is to keep the eye lenses clean. According to experts, this should be done by rubbing the lenses with fingers using luke-warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and use a soft cloth to pat them dry. Avoid using soaps with cream, facial cleaners, or other household cleaners since the contents or chemicals in them will damage the lenses and frame. Your eye doctor will recommend the best products to use. Another option is to buy a microfiber lens cleaning cloth that traps dust and dirt. It would be best if you never used a rag, paper towel, or facial tissue to clean the lenses — they'll scratch and damage the lenses.

Store the glasses in the holder

Whenever you are not using your eyeglasses, you should keep them in the eyeglass holder the eye specialist provided. This glass holder is specially designed to keep the prescription wear clean and protected. The holder is usually soft inside to ensure the lenses don't get scratched. The robust outer cover also ensures the glasses don't get damaged when the cover is squeezed or dropped accidentally. Be sure to replace your eyeglass holder right away in case you lose or misplace it.

Take care of the eyewear frames

Eyewear frames are also as vital as the lenses, and for this reason, they must be maintained effectively. Make sure you use both hands whenever you take off and put on the glasses. This way, you'll ensure they aren't misaligned or twisted. Also, it's important to ensure the frames are examined by an expert regularly, especially if they ride uneven on the nose or the frame appears twisted.

The professionals will confirm if they are misaligned, repair them, and also fix any loose screws. Remember that this isn't a DIY task. Re-adjustments should only be done by an eye care professional, even if they aren't the ones who sold the eyewear.

For more information, contact an optometrist.